ASTI Quality

Superior Quality
The commitment to quality is carried throughout the entire process. ISO 9001-2015 Certification demonstrates ASTI’s commitment to strict quality control policies and procedures. ASTI raw material suppliers comply with the European Union Hazardous Materials Directive. Customers can trust they will receive the premium products they require.

Raw Material & Slitting
As part of quality control procedure,
raw material is 100% inspected
during the slitting operation. By slitting
material customers benefit.

  • Improved quality
  • Greater production flexibility
  • Shorter lead-times

Tube Mills

If you want something done right, you do it yourself. We designed and built our own equipment to gain the following advantages:

  • Ease of monitoring
  • Ease of adjusting
  • Production of a rounder tube
  • Better seam clean up which makes for better finishing qualities

ASTI follows a scheduled preventative maintenance program on all equipment to ensure repeatability and reliability is upheld.

ISO 9001-2015 program ensures that operators are trained and capable of maintaining a high standard of workmanship.

In order to provide a product that has consistent and reliable fabricating properties, tubing is TIG welded. All 201, 304 , 304L, and 316L strip products are domestically produced to ASTM A554 – 15 specifications.

ASTI builds tube mills, buffers and polishers in-house to provide better controls and to furnish the highest quality and consistent finishes. ASTI’s patented process for providing a true mirror finish has placed us as the leader in this field.

In addition to 180, 240, 320, Super buff and Linear Buffed material, we can also try to match a finish to a sample provided by our customer. Use our online Quotation Request for your specific requirements.

For protection, material is packaged off the polishing/buffing equipment.

All polished or buffed tubing is covered with vinyl (Linear Buff finish), paper or plastic wrap and heavy duty packaging to protect finishes. Band, bundle, or box your order for optimal shipping.

Chemical Analysis
Type 201
.15 Max
MN 5.50-7.50,
P .060,
SI-1.00 S-.030
Type 304
(Type 304L)
.08 Max
.035 Max)
MN-2.0, P-.040
SI-1.00, S-0.030
Type 316-L
.035 Max
MO-2.0-3.0, MN-2.00,
P-.040, SI-1.00 S-.030

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