What To Do If Your Stainless Rusts!

General rusting.

General corrosion from exposure to a marine environment.

Pitting corrosion which can often occur under barnacles.

People are surprised to learn that stainless steel will rust and corrode in the presence of chloride salts, free chlorine or sulfide gases. Environments that produce these elements are ocean spray, salted highways, chemical treatments added to swimming pools, and ground water in numerous coastal areas. But, with proper care and cleaning, your stainless products can be maintained for a lifetime in perfect condition.

If your Stainless Shows Signs of Rusting:
• Wash with fresh water and a high-quality detergent.
• Clean with a car chrome polish.
• Wax with a car or fiberglass wax.
• For polished finishes…those finishes that show “grit lines”, an abrasive cleaner or sand paper
can be used. Always test a small area first and “go in the same direction of the grain”.
• DO NOT clean with chlorinated cleaners (no bleach!) or scouring powders.
• DO NOT use sand paper or abrasive cleaners on buffed or mirror finished metals.
• DO NOT clean with muratic or hydrochloric acids.

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